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Eyelash Extension Services and Rates
Semi- permanent eyelash extensions are a great way to add glamour to your everyday look, and can be a real time saver for those who  like to "wake up and go" with minimal fuss and makeup.  Dressed up or dressed down, be envied as they wonder how you got so lucky to have those lushious lashes!

Each look is customized to best accentuate your eye shape and make it look as natural or dramatic as you like.  Individual eyelash extensions are applied by isolating one natural lash and attaching one eyelash extension to it, making sure no neighboring lashes become attached in the process.  This allows each lash to go through its natural growth cycle safely.  Touch-ups or fills are usually needed every 2-3 weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle, lifestyle and how well you take care of them at home.  We use only the highest quality faux mink, silk, or combination of both for the best look, comfort and longevity of your lashes.  Many places charge an extra fee for using these higher quality raw materials, but it is included in our pricing.  
Full Sets:   
Pictured are some client examples of each look.  Your final look will depend on your individual eye shape and the condition of your natural lashes. 

Classic lashes:  $150
Applied one extension to one natural lash.

Classic Plus:  $175
For extra va-voom, 2D volume lashes are added into your classic lash set.

2D Volume:  $200
2 dimensional volume lashes, more volume and texture than your traditional classic lashes.

Signature 3-2-1 Volume:  $225
For a lash set as unique as you are, get lots of fluffy texture with this set. 

3D/4D Volume:  $250
The most luxurious, fluffy volume experience possible for everyday wear. 

4D Plus Red Carpet Volume:  $325 
The ultimate experience in lashes, this set is perfect for special occasions such as weddings and events. This set is booked by consult only to best determine the maximum possible while taking into consideration the condition of your natural lashes.  

Eyelash Extension Fills and Policys

Your new full set can be kept indefinitely with regular fills.  Fill pricing  is based on the set, the desired look and the time it takes to complete.  Most clients come every 2/3 weeks to keep their look fresh. Individual retention will depend on lifestyle factors, each persons growth and shed cycle and homecare. Some clients can come in at 2 weeks with the same retention as 3 weeks, so the pricing is the same because the appointment time is the same.  If you have less than 50% of your origional set remaining, or it has been 4 weeks,  you will need to book an extended fill for your set.  If you have less than 25% of your origional set remaining, or it has been over 5 weeks, you will need to book a new full set which will be given to exsisting clients at a reduced rate.

Classic:  $55 (approximately 60 minutes, 2/3 weeks)                 Extended:  $70

Classic Plus:  $65 (approximately 60 minutes, 2/3 weeks)      Extended:  $80

2D Volume:  $75 (approximately 75 minutes, 2/3 weeks)        Extended:  $90

Signature 3-2-1 Volume:  $85  (approximately 90 minutes, 2/3 weeks)     Extended:  $100

3D/4D Volume:  $95  (approximately 90 minutes, 2/3 weeks)     Extended:  $110

4D Plus Red Carpet Volume:  $125  (up to 120 minutes)     Extended:  $150

Coming from another technician:  $75  Classic/  Volume $95 and up
I am always happy to fill work from another technician, perhaps you are visiting from out of town or you would like to try someone new.  However, because of the varying quality of work I have seen, and the extra time it takes for me to evaluate the exsisting work, styling, etc, I do charge an extra fee.  In some cases, I may recommend a full or partial removal and new full set if I see there was excess adhesive used, lashes that are stuck together or too heavy/ too long of an extension being used that it is effecting the health of your natural lashes. In this case, the cost will be more and we will discuss your options before moving forward.  If the work is up to my standards, I will do the fill as planned.  If you come back for future fills, it will be at the regular client rate.

Removal:  $25  (free for current clients)