Enrich Massage, Skincare and Lash studio
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About Enrich Massage, Skincare and Lash studio

Improve or enhance the quality or value of.
To make fuller, more meaningful, or more rewarding.

We named our studio as a reflection of what we would like to achieve with our services. Massage not only feels great, but it is a wonderful way to help deal with stress, improve function and mobility and help with injury and pain management. Good skincare can really improve the overall appearance of your skin, making you feel more confident in your everyday life. It is our hope when you leave the studio, you will in some way feel "enriched" and carry that feeling with you. Here's a little about us:
Beth Rudolph, Owner, Licensed massaged therapist, Licensed esthetician, Certified Lash Extension Artist

Therapeutic touch is a gift that has always come naturally to Beth, and even as a young child she remembers trying to massage away the aches and pains of family and friends. She is very intuitive in nature, and it is apparent in her approach and touch. She has been a certified massage therapist since 1998, nationally certified since 2000, and licensed in the state of Nevada. Her broad background in the industry includes massage for injury in a chiropractic setting, day spas, and on site sport massage for athletes.

 In addition to being a massage therapist, she is also a licensed esthetician with a focus on therapies that are gentle, but effective and do not traumatize the skin.  It is her hope to help you achieve the best skin you can have through proper product selection, home care and treatments that are designed to improve your skins health long-term and not just through a quick fix approach. Beth is a graduate of the Pastiche method of skin analysis, and has advanced training in cosmetic chemistry, microneedling and microcurrent therapies. Beth is a Bella Lash certified eyelash extension technician and really enjoys the artistry involved in this procedure.   She also trained with internationally know trainer, Teresa Smith, in the latest technique in eyelash extensions, russian volume, and is now offering it on her service menu!

Beth has always been interested in natural health and holistic healing, enjoys hiking, snowboarding, yoga, and pilates. She loves traveling and new adventures, lived in Costa Rica for a few years and has even brought her massage table with her on many of her journeys.